Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Getting Back On Track

It seems like forever since I last had time to post on my blog! So much has happened since October last year that it's going to take a few posts to bring you up to date.

The biggest news first...we welcomed our beautiful little girl, Miss M, into the world in mid-December. She is absolutely gorgeous (even if I do say so myself :)) and is settling in well at home. However, as you can imagine I find it pretty difficult to get time on the computer at the moment.

When I do get time, I tend to be doing things for the WA Quilters Association (WAQA). In September last year I took on the role of Workshop Convenor for them. In the lead-up to Miss M's birth and during the minimal spare time I have had since then I have been organising the schedule of workshops for 2013. This has included creating flyers, registration forms and promotional material, organising tutor contracts and taking registrations. While it has kept me very busy I am really enjoying it and we have some great workshops lined up. You can check them out on the WAQA website here.

We had our first workshop this Sunday just gone. It was a joint workshop between myself and the Community Quilts team called Scrap Magic Workshop for Community Quilts. We had a great turnout and learnt some wonderful techniques for turning scraps into simple, but very effective, blocks. There were enough blocks created to make at least 1 full quilt top for Community Quilts which will be donated to a deserving organisation at some point in the near future. Here are a couple of photos...

The Littlest Quilter - Miss M enjoyed the goings on

Some of the gorgeous blocks created

Well, Miss M is calling so I must be off. Hopefully I will be able to get back into regular posting now.

Happy stitching, Tracy.