Friday, 23 March 2012

Taking the Plunge!

My good friend Tracee from Quilt Kitty Loves Life has been blogging for over a year now and has inspired me to get technologically savvy and start my own blog. This is pretty scary stuff, particularly when she is so good at it! However, I am 'jumping off the deep end' and am quite excited about doing so.

I have lived most of my life in the Pilbara in the North West of Western Australia. While my family and I are currently living in Perth for the kids schooling, I consider the Pilbara to be home. Hence the beautiful picture above, taken on a day trip out of Marble Bar in July 2011, and the gorgeous photo of the Sturt Desert Pea to the left, one of my favourite flowers. I hope to share some of my other outback images with you during our journey together.

As you may have determined from the title of my blog I am a (proud) craftaholic! I have tried various crafts over the years including embroidery, beading, scrapbooking (I was a Creative Memories Consultant for 8 years), teddy bears, soft toys/dolls and, more recently, quilting. My favourite is embroidery but I am really enjoying learning how to quilt. My partner in crime is my Mum and I love nothing more than spending an afternoon, evening or (even better) a weekend crafting with her. She is also learning quilting at present. This can get quite expensive when shopping for fabrics as we egg each other on!

Anyway, enough of my rambling for now. I hope that you find my stories of interest and I look forward to 'meeting' you all in the blogosphere.



Quilt Kitty said...

Awesome Tracy! You will love it & meet so many wonderful & talented people in crafty blog world. I'll put you straight on my blog roll & do a post later telling everyone to visit you. Tracee xx

Charlie and Wendy said...

Welcome to blogland Tracy. I love your header photo, beautiful scenery! I was a Creative Memories Consultant for 10 years but don't get as much time to scrapbook now. I'm looking forward to seeing your crafts.

Sharon Dawn said...

Beautiful pictures!

Bev C said...

Hello Tracy,

Hope you have lots of fun with your blog. What part of the Pilbara did you come from?
Happy days.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Hi Tracy and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. It is very addictive for a very good's so much fun and you get to know such lovely people your friend Tracee included. I look forward to reading your posts. Your little owl is too cute and I am sure it made a real difference having a little friend made with so much love to keep your niece company.
Michelle x

KAYLEE said...

Hi Tracy, Welcome to BLOG land. I am looking forward to reading your posts from the other side of Australia. I have just become your latest follower and I would love if you would also become a follower of my BLOG. Cheers.

Outback Craftaholic said...

Hi Charlie and Wendy,

Thanks for your welcome. Unfortunately I don't get to scrapbook much anymore either but I do keep threatening to get my albums out and get back into it regularly.


Outback Craftaholic said...

Hi Bev,

Thanks, I already am. Most recently from Karratha but I have lived in Pt Hedland and Newman as well. Going back to Marble Bar for a visit later this year and am very much looking forward to it.


Outback Craftaholic said...

Hi Kaylee,

Thanks very much. I have added myself to your follower list but haven't had a good chance yet to look over your blog. Will hopefully get to do so later this week. Hope you had a great time at the concert.