Sunday, 29 April 2012

Stitching with the Embroiderer's Guild

I joined the Guild for their Stitch Day today. It is essentially an open house, predominantly for new members to find out about the Guild but it is open to all members and prospective members.

Each Stitch Day has a focus on a particular stitch and today's was Straight Stitch. We had a lovely presentation from the Curator of the Textile Group showing us a range of work from the Collection that used only straight stitch. The display cabinets were also filled with works that used only straight stitch. It is amazing what can be done with just one single stitch and its multitude of variations!

We started a small project where we were shown different variations of straight stitch - a segmented leaf pattern with different stitches for the stem, edges and each segment. Unfortunately I had to leave early so only got 2 done but they were good fun - couching and a loopy stitch I think they called double threaded running stitch (which was beautiful). Once I do a bit more I will post a picture.

Happy stitching,

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