Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Back to Christmas

I recently realised that I hadn't finished sharing my Christmas stitching with you. It's hard to believe that Christmas was nearly 3 months ago! Where does the time go?

Way back in October I started cutting out and preparing the fabric to make 2 soft toys for Miss M and her cousin, Master J, for Christmas. Another awesome design by Pauline McArthur of Funky Friends Factory, the pattern was featured in Homespun Issue 116, Volume 14, No. 1.  These were the resulting gifts and, happily, they were ready in time for Christmas.

Wilbur Wombat - for Master J

Wilhemina Wombat - for Miss M

Wilhemina Wombat

Aren't they cute? They were reasonably easy to create. The only issue really is that it's difficult to see Wilhemina's eyes because of the strong fabric pattern. They are well loved wombats!

Back to the present, and this is what I got up to last night...cutting my scrap fabric into various sizes ready to have a go at making a scrap quilt one day. Doesn't look like much for 2 hours work but I was able to watch both series of NCIS while doing it which made me very happy.

I hope you've had some stitching time & a great week.



Anthea said...

Wonderful Wombats! They are so cute Tracy, well done!
Good on you cutting your bits & bobs into pieces, if you keep that up, you will one day be so happy to see how much of it you have...
I started doing that about a year ago, mainly because my scraps box was over-full... and I keep my cut pieces very well organised... makes such a difference... x

Charlie and Wendy said...

The little wombats are gorgeous and the fabrics you are cutting are beautiful!