Monday, 25 August 2014

Stitched and Bound Exhibition 2014 - Back to the Razor's Edge

A couple of weeks ago Miss M and I visited this exhibition which is held by the West Australian Quilters' Association (WAQA) biannually to "...encourage individualized expression and excellence in contemporary quilting." (Stitched and Bound 2014 catalogue)

This year was the 10th exhibition in the series and there were some very inspiring pieces. My favourites included...

'Green Corridors' by Stephanie Knudsen
'Mysterious Outback - Bowl of Plenty' by Jennie Abbott

'As Ye Sow We Hope Ye Will Reap' by Taryn Blight

'Munda Biddi Sojourn' by Meg Cowey
Miss M studies the various stitching techniques

Some of the pieces made political statements, others commented artistically on nature and/or events that impact heavily on communities, while another reflected on the 'public' vs 'private' face of men.

'Sovereign Borders' by Virginia O'Keeffe
'Out of the Ashes' by Pamela Manika

'Honouring Good Men' by Louise Wells

There were also a few pieces from the inaugural exhibition included. All in all it was a lovely, very inspiring morning.

I hope you find something to inspire your creativity this week.



Anthea said...

MissM does look so cute in that pic, Tracy... fab exhibition...

Maria said...

Great designs.. Love the photo of Miss M.