Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Catching Up

Wow. After a couple of weeks of illness (Miss M - tonsillitis, Me - pharyngitis), an 18th, an exhibition and the occasional quilt session it's all of a sudden November! Where on earth has this year gone to? And the hectic period is only just about to start with Christmas just around the corner.

The Embroiderers' Guild of WA opened its exhibition on Friday last week at the Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre. It is the first time I've had a piece in an exhibition, albeit part of a group project, and it was very exciting. This was how the final piece looked...

...and this was my contribution to it.

The members of the group who prepared and mounted the embroideries did an amazing job. It looked fantastic. And, it was an actual working clock.

There were so many fantastic, inspirational pieces of embroidery on display that we were disappointed to only have an hour to look around. If I get to be even half as good as those other embroiderers one day I will be a very, very happy lady! The exhibition is on until the end of this week & only costs $5 to get in. If you get a chance I highly recommend a visit.

Although I haven't had time to do a lot of stitching recently, I have managed to progress my jelly roll race quilt.

Preparing the quilting pattern
All pinned and ready to start quilting

I'm a bit nervous as I haven't done any real free motion quilting before and, as you can see, I tend not to start small or simple. I have just over 2 weeks to finish it as it is a gift for a family friend who is turning 18 in late November. Wish me luck.

My other creative outlet during this past 3 weeks was making a cake for my son, Master R's, 18th birthday. Thank you Super Foods magazine for a wonderful cake, although I'm not really sold on the chocolate peanut butter icing.

The centre of the cake was filled with a mixture of chocolates - M&Ms, Maltesers, Jaffas, Freckles, Clinkers, Chocolate sultanas and Skittles.

Yum, yum, yum - not so good for the waistline *grin*.
I hope you've all had a productive few weeks. I'll try not to leave it so long between posts next time.


Lisa V said...

Great contribution to the embroidery piece Tracy. This year sure has zoomed by, its already been nearly 6 months since we met at the show and that only feels like last month.

Maria said...

What a fabulous piece of Embroidery Tracy..
WOW !!! What an amazing cake.. Hmmmm!! filled with delicious chocolates...
I agree with you, where has this year gone ????

Sue G Johnson said...

Tracy, your piece in the exhibition is lovely. When I lived in Perth I used to love seeing the work of the Embroidery Guild at the craft shows.