Sunday, 5 April 2015

More from the Vatican

Have decided there's no point trying to go back to sleep now. Miss M has been awake since 4:30am local time (more than 2 hrs ago) & is showing absolutely no sign of going back to sleep!

Here are a few more pics from our trip to the Vatican yesterday. There was lots of mosaic pictures and patterns. Plenty of inspiration for future projects here!

I loved this pattern which was inlaid in a windowsill

This is a mosaic replica in St Peter's Basilica of one of the paintings in the Vatican museum. You would never guess it's not a real painting.

There was also lots of carved woodwork, particularly in the window settings.

The marble inset floor tiles and motifs were also all handmade.

And of course the amazing paintings were an incredible feat of patience and hard work. We couldn't take photos in the Sistine Chapel but apparently it took Michael Angelo 4 years to paint the full ceiling.

And finally, a picture of the Vatican itself. They were setting up for the Pope's Easter Address today.

I hope you've enjoyed these pics. Will post more photos of crafts as we come across them on our trip.

Happy Easter everyone!!

Cheers, Tracy


Christine Barnsley said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time! Happy Easter! :) x

Dasha said...

Stunning photos Tracy! Love those tiled floors. And was that flooring - the gold circular design. That is so beautiful.

Outback Craftaholic said...

Hi Dasha. Yes, the gold circular design was part of the flooring in St Peter's Basilica. Absolutely gorgeous! Cheers, Tracy.

Outback Craftaholic said...

Thanks Christine.

Debbie said...

Happy Easter Tracy.
Enjoy your travels. Your photos are amazing.

Lin said...

There are some super patterns tucked away in the Vatican - it is amazing isn't it! Hope you got to see the Pope? Happy Easter. xx

Jo said...

It is so wonderful you sharing your photos. It brings back so many wonderful memories of when we were there.
Keep them coming