Monday, 28 September 2015

So Much to Share

I can't believe it has been almost 2.5 months since I last posted on my blog. I must apologise and my only excuse is that life got even more hectic than usual very quickly. However, amidst all the fast paced activity there were plenty of fun things going on and I'd love to share some of them with you. But where to start?...

I might as well start with this weekend as it's been quite an exciting, and frustrating, couple of days. After 3 weeks of being too busy to even look at the boxes stashed in the corner of my bedroom I was finally able to open and play with my new Bernina 880 sewing machine yesterday. Hooray!

It was very well packaged

Bernina 880 Sterling Edition

Miss M checks it out

Isn't she pretty? I managed to work out how to wind and load the bobbin, and load the thread. I'm starting with monofilament thread as I want to start quilting Ashleigh's birthday quilt. I know, I know ... I'm crazy and it has been a bit frustrating. I think I need to have a go at adjusting the tension on the bobbin as I am getting pretty large loops on the back of the work while stitching. Will see how I go after Miss M wakes up from her nap.

Speaking of Ashleigh's quilt, here are a few photos from the creation of the quilt top. It is now all pin basted. I haven't marked the quilting pattern on the fabric as I am a bit concerned after the marks didn't all come out of my last quilt, and this one is mostly cream to boot. But, I also don't want to stuff up the quilting as I am really pleased with how the top turned out.

Adding the sashing strips

Ready to add the borders

I think I need a whole week of playtime, not just a long weekend! Speaking of weekends, we managed a trip back to Karratha a couple of weeks ago. It was still beautiful weather and we were reminded just how much we miss 'home'. Maybe one day we'll move back there, you never know.

Looking out over Hampton Harbour, Dampier

This view brought back many happy memories of boating on the Dampier Archipelago

Red Dog

Gorgeous Sturt Desert Peas - one of my favourite flowers

More local flora
Hubby and Miss M enjoying a Pilbara sunset in Dampier

Well, that's probably enough for this post. Next post I'll share pics from one of WAQA's recent exhibitions. Until then, happy stitching!



Anthea said...

Hi Tracy... lovely to see your name pop up on my reading list!
Wow what a fabulous new machine, I'm sure you'll be whirring along happily with it in no time. (love to see MissM admiring it!)

The quilt looks wonderful so far... very stylish colours... what's the pattern? or did you make it up yourself?

Take care & big hugs to you xx
(& say HI to your Mum from me )

Maria said...

I agree with Anthea sew nice to see you pop up...
you are amazing not opening your wonderful new Bernina.. I just would have to open it....have fun playing with it.
I am sure you will do a fabulous job of quilting your DD1s quilt.
Miss M has grown heaps....

barbara woods said...

glad you are back

Lin said...

Great to hear from you Tracy - I was just thinking of you the other day and wondering why you had not been posting!
Well, that sewing machine looks amazing and how you could have left it in its box for three weeks I do not know! Good luck with sorting the tension - I should exhaust all possibilities with the top tension before you go fiddling underneath.
Those Desert Peas are amazing. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon. xx

Jeneta said...

Oh how EXCITING!! The quilt top looks lovely - I'm looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.