Friday, 3 May 2013

Sleep or Stitch? Hmmm...

I am soooo tired (little Miss M has a tummy ache and is teething) but really want to do some stitching. Luckily I have a cake in the oven so I've decided to join in with Cheryl and friends for Friday Night With Friends, even if only for a short while. :)

Happy stitching,


tales from a handmade home said...

I don't have littlies anymore but I know what you mean about feeling so tired, I intend to try and give myself an hour with FNWF, then I may just head for bed.

Hope your little one feels better and sleeps well tonight,

Anonymous said...

yes i had to finish around 9 last night i got too tired,i am now your newest follower,you have a lovely blog and i will be back to visit soon,have a good weekend.xx