Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Crafty Weekend

How does that old saying go?...While the cat's away the mice will play. Well, dear hubby and son have been off hiking so I have been able to leave my craft stuff all over the house and have a wonderfully creative weekend. Hooray!

Before I tell you all about it though, at quilting on Wed night my wonderful friend Tracee from Quilt Kitty Loves Life gave Miss M a beautiful, handmade gift. She made her a lovely stuffy doll which Miss M loves. Not only is it soft and good to chew on, it sounds great because it has bells inside it!

The stuffy (no name yet but it reminds me of Miffy)

Big hugs from Miss M

So, back to my weekend... after dropping the boys off at the start of their hiking trail I came home and managed to get Miss M off to sleep. A couple of weeks ago I did a workshop, Free Wheeling Around the Curves with Jan Rowe, and I have been hanging out to get back to sewing my curved pieces together. Yesterday arvo/evening I got my chance. This is what I ended up with...

Then, this morning, Miss M and I went quilting with the WA Quilters' Association (WAQA) for their Community Quilts program. There were a lot of jobs to be done to get things ready for the Quiltwest show. Miss M and I chose to do some ironing. I did most of it while she slept :-)

It's so tiring being the centre of attention all the time!

After returning home and getting Miss M off to sleep for her afternoon nap, I got back into my Free Wheeling project. The next stage was laying it all out in a pleasing design. I'm basing my design on a photo I took at Ayer's Rock several years ago. So, this is where my project is currently at...

Design - Early stages

It's interesting looking at it in photographic form. It gives you a different perspective. I may move things around a little if I get a chance tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath though as the boys return tomorrow and everything will have to be packed away again.

It's early stages yet. I still have trimming of the blocks, sewing it together and some applique to do but I'm really happy to have had a chance to get this far. Can't wait to see if the end result looks much like my photo.

Hope you all had a creative weekend as well. Happy stitching. 
Cheers, Tracy.

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Anonymous said...

Tracee is a gem making your little girl a lovely softie,its funny how when we have babies that we learn to do our chores one handed.Tracee is my blogging friend and she is coming to stay with me later in the year,i am so looking forward to her coming back.xx