Saturday, 19 July 2014

FNSI and a fat quarter

Well, for all my excitement at a night of stitching I actually didn't get a huge amount done. First we decided to go out for dinner. Then I decided it was high time to work on getting Miss M to sleep through the night. This meant a long night ahead so I knew I needed to get to bed early.

As a result, all I completed was the 3 words stitched on the bottom of this quote.

If you are getting a little de ja vu, you may have see my earlier post about this project. I have already made it once, although the wall hanging is not quite ready for show and tell. I loved it so much that I decided to make the pattern up into a cushion for my niece who is at boarding school, for her birthday. Once finished, I'll post both pics.

I also have to share a beautiful little fat quarter I picked up from The Quilt Fairy at our WAQA sewing night this week. It's gorgeous.

In my next post I'll show you how lucky I was at the WAQA sewing day! I won a beautiful pack of hand-dyed fabrics in the door prize.

Hope you all enjoyed FNSI. To see what everyone else got up to, check out Wendy's blog here.

Happy stitching,


Farm Gate Creations said...

What a terrific saying... and that fat quarter is gorgeous.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Hope you were successful with your little one. Cute quote and lovely fat1/4

Lyn said...

A great saying and you are 3 words closer to finishing..

Maria said...

how did it go with Miss M ? well I hope.
Three words is better than none.
Nice FQ, what you going to make with it??

Wendy B said...

You're three words ahead of where you were before Fnsi so all's good! Love the froggy saying-so true. Hope Miss M slept well too and lovin that fabric. Can't wait to see what you won! Xxx

Sandra said...

bawahahahahahahaha Love it

Josie said...

Love that saying... wishing I could do that to! :o) Three words qualify as progress... hope you had as much success getting Miss M to sleep through. Gorgeous fat quarter...xx