Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Projects & Holidays

Wow, I can't believe a month has gone by since my last full post. It was a frantic month but that's not unusual around here.

Our annual pilgrimage to Marble Bar was brought forward a week unexpectedly but luckily I was able to give my friend, Suzanne, her quilt before we left. She loved it. I was also able to finish my contribution to my embroidery group's entry in the Embroiderer's Guild of WA 2014 exhibition. It was close, but I managed it!

The theme of the piece is embroidery through time with each participating group member creating or recreating a clock in embroidery. My piece was a recreation of a rock clock, made from a piece of Pilbara rock, by a very close family friend that was given to me for a birthday present. It has no hands as it is going in the centre of the piece.

Unfortunately the pic doesn't really do it justice. However, if you would like to see the piece in person the details of the exhibition can be found on the Guild's website here.

We had a wonderful week in Marble Bar once we got there (it was a 1 1/2 day car trip). Miss M absolutely loved getting down and dirty, and playing on the tractor, 4 wheelers and other vehicles.

Driving the tractor with Dad - so much fun!

I started a novel and read Gloria Loughman's book 'Illuminated Landscapes'. Now I'm all inspired to play with threads, fabric and stitches to create a quilted Pilbara landscape. So I also spent a fair bit of time taking photos of the landscape, at different times of the day, to help capture the images, lines, shadows and highlights for future reference.

Some of the beautiful colours in the surrounding hills
After another long trip home, and a bout of gastro (yuk!), I was able to settle down to a little crafty activity last Friday night. I saw this being done at the Osborne Park Textile Traders. I've been dying to try it and was really pleased with the result. Even better, it took less than 2 hours to make.

Take 2 pieces of Polar Fleece and lay them wrong sides together. Cut along the edges at even spaces, with all cuts being the same length, completely around the fabric. Tie each pair of 'tabs' together to create a fringe.

Miss M's polar fleece blanket - owl print and blue fabrics
It was a fun little project to finish off a (mostly) fun and productive month.

 I hope you've had a good month too. Maybe I'll see you at FNSI on Friday night.



Maria said...

Your Embriodery looks great..
Looks like fun was had by all on your break away.
Miss Ms polar fleece blankets will be very cuddley.
Will join you on Friday...

Wendy B said...

What fun Tracy! worth the time taken to get there just to experience it. I can't wait to see your Gloria Loughman inspired landscaped quilt....based on that photo you've shown us, it'll be beautiful! Love the colours! (something I've always wanted to try.....one day??!!)Miss M's blanky looks so warm and comfy!!! great that you got something done, despite the gastro...eeeurgh!
see you friday night xoxox :O) Sugary hugs

Anthea said...

Thanks for the link to the Guild site Tracy, I am going to earmark that week & really make an effort to go see the exhibition... glad to see you had a great time away, MissM is growing up!!